Christmas Card Holders

Enjoy Christmas Card Holders This Holiday Season!

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Christmas Card holders can be decorative, useful and helpful organizing additions for the holiday season.  Available in many shapes and styles, you can find just the right one for you!

First off, although Christmas is mostly a happy, festive occasion, it is always accompanied by more than its fair share of stress and chaos. This is due, in part, to the fact that there are so many extra little errands to run, and goodies to bake. Not to mention buying, wrapping, visiting, eating, decorating, and yes, lists to check!

Organize with Christmas Card Holders

Since the average busy person doesn’t have a handy group of elves to lighten the load, we must find ways to keep the stress to a minimum through simple planning and organization. Even being half organized can save a lot of time and energy, and is worth its weight in gold!

One simple way that we can bring both organization and beauty into our holiday home is with the use of Christmas card holders.

Christmas Card Holders Blend Function and Beauty

These handy items are both decorative and functional. A Christmas card holder is becoming almost as popular in our holiday decor as tree ornaments or door wreaths, and with good reason. They are simple to use – just put them in place and you’re good to go! They are sometimes hung from a nail on the wall, or more often, come as a stand for a table top or mantel. Wherever you put them, they add instant decor and holiday spirit to give you a head start on your decorating.

Different Types of Christmas Card Holders

The number of Christmas cards each holder can organize varies. Some take display up to 40 or 50 cards, and it takes only a second to add a new card as it arrives once the holder is in place. Although the card holders all serve the same basic function- there is certainly a style or shape to suit any decor.

Christmas Tree Card Holder

From simple star , stocking or tree shapes, to elaborate wreaths with clips to attach the cards, there is certainly a holder out there to please almost everyone. The variety of materials and finishes varies greatly as well, from iron hangers to silver-coating, and even wood finishes. The card holders can even be made from ribbons of festive red, green or gold velvet or other luxurious and festive material. The options and possibilities are seemingly endless, limited only by imagination.

Make Your Own Christmas Card Display

If you are at all handy or crafty, there are also patterns available to make your own Christmas card holder. It can be a fun Christmas craft project! There are quite a range of types to make, so you can find one to suit your hobby, whether it is sewing or woodworking or something else.

Christmas card holders can also make a unique and interesting gift idea. A rustic wooden holder would suit a home with a country theme, a sleek silver coated holder would fit into a home with modern and contemporary decor, and a fun handmade holder with lots of snowflake, star and reindeer decorations on it would fit in well in a home with children.

The increase in popularity of e-mail and other online forms of communication has certainly not taken away from the simple joy of sending and receiving a holiday card in the mail. Some things can be taken over quite easily by digital communication, but for Christmas anyway, it seems that we are mostly content to go back to our roots. We dig out some stamps, cards and envelopes and reconnect to the simple pleasures of putting pen to paper for some good old-fashioned sending of good will and best wishes!

So don’t forget to get some Christmas card holders for the holidays!